AUBREY MANAHAN (2010-2012).  Ph. D Candidate in International Development at American University School of International Service

CHARLES LINEHAN (2007-2009).  Charlie debated for El Camino on National Championship teams.  After completing his BA in Philosophy at UCLA he went on to earn his JD from the UCLA School of Law.  He is now an associate at a law firm specializing in litigation.  

BRITTANY HUBBLE (2012-2014).  A Phi Rho Pi National Champion, Brittany went on to be a nationally ranked debater on the national circuit, advancing at both NPDA and NPTE while earning her BA at UCLA.  She has since earned her MA in Communications from California State University. Long Beach and is an adjunct professor and forensics coach at El Camino College.

Forensics Alumni Currently in Graduate School

ASHLEY GRAHAM (2007-2009).  Ashley was an excellent all-round competitor for El Camino, excelling in Parliamentary Debate, Impromptu, and Persuasive Speaking,  She completed her undergraduate and graduate work in Communications at California State University, Long Beach.  Ashley started coaching forensics for El Camino in 2009 and is now an adjunct professor of Communications at ECC.

ALYSON ESCALANTE (2011-2013).  One of the finest debaters El Camino had ever produced, Alyson became one of the nation's  top debaters for the University of Oregon.  She has since earned her MA and is a Ph.D Candidate in Philosophy at University of Oregon.

Distinguished Alumni Continued...

DAVID "BEAR" SAULET (2009-2011).  After graduating from Concordia University, Irvine with a BA, David earned his MA in Communications at California State University, Long Beach. He is currently Director of Curriculum at Club Parli in northern California.

ARIELLE STEPHENSON (2012-2014). Half if the El Camino NPTE team with Brittany Hubble, Arielle earned a full scholarship to debate at Southern Illinois University. She is currently earning her JD at the George Washington School of Law.

ALYSE THOMPSON (2005-2007).  Alyse was a phenomenal debater for El Camino, twice winning gold at Phi Rho Pi, the community college national tournament.  After completing her BA at UC Berkeley, she earned n MBA at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.  Specializing in the Global Supply Chain, Alyse currently works for Northrup Grumman.

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JOSEPH EVANS (2007-2009).  Joseph was a national champion debater for El Camino before transferring to UCLA where he was dominant on the 4-year circuit.  He earned his MA from California State University, Long Beach, where he also coached debate.  Joseph is now a professor of Communications Studies and Forensics Coach at El Camino College and is pursuing his Doctorate.

MARK FAAITA (2009-2011).  MA Candidate in Communications at California State University, Chico.

AMANDA GIBSON (2005-2007).  Amanda was a standout student at El Camino.  She went on to complete her BA at UCLA and then earned her MD at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  She is currently a Resident Physician at Kaiser Permanente.

EMMA SEINER (2005-2007).  Emma was a top debater for El Camino, twice representing the school at the national tournament where they won the national championship.  Emma transferred to University of California, Berkeley and went on to earn her JD at Cornell.  After working as a staff attorney at the Immigration Center for Women and Children, Emma took a position as Asylum Officer at the Department of Homeland Security.

HARRISON SHIEH (2010-2012).  After finishing his debate career as a Community College national champion, Harrison coached the El Camino team while earning his MA in Economics from California State University, Fullerton. He continued coaching at ECC as an adjunct professor at a variety of colleges and is currently a
Ph. D Candidate in Economics at California State University, Santa Clara.